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Good Shepherd Milestone Ministry

We want to enrich the faith of our children through prayer and celebration of God’s Love.  Each year, every Sunday Schooler receives a “Milestone” from their Church Family.  These Milestones are celebrated during a Children’s Message with the congregation and their families.

  • Pre-School Age 3 – Presentation September  13, 2015 – Sunday School Tote Bag (Register Here)
  • Pre-School Age 4 – Presentation September  13, 2015 – Baptism Story Book (Contact Tammy)
  • Kindergarten Presentation September 25th, 2016– Music CD – 25 Sunday School Songs from the Veggie Tales (Register Here)
  • Grade 1 Presentation January 22, 2017 – Prayer Block, Hand made by congregational members. (Register Here)
  • Grade 2 Presentation February 26, 2017– Prayer Pillow, Hand made by Congregational Members. (Register Here)
  • Grade 3 Presentation October 30, 2016– Bible, Spark Bible NRSV designed to Spark a relationship with God. (Please register by picking up a Bible at Church.  Return no later than September 23rd.  Registrations in Bible Information Letter.)
  • Grade 4 Presentation March 19, 2017– Finding Your Way Through the Bible Workbook, NRSV, Self instruction booklet for fun while learning about their bible. (Register Here)
  • Grade 5 First Communion April 12, 2017– Seder Meal First Communion, This is the Passover Meal beginning with the traditions from Moses and a communion shared between Jesus and the disciples at the Last Supper.  Held the Wednesday before Easter.  Easter Sunday is then the first time 5th Graders Share Communion with their Church Family. (Register Here)